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Clash of Times and Religions – The Luxor Temple, a place beyond time

On the second day of my Nile cruise, right after visiting the Karnak Temple, I went to the Luxor Temple.

What you never really see in tourist brochures is that the Luxor Temple lies near the centre of Luxor, right between modern buildings! It’s like a clash of two worlds: on one hand the hasty crowds of 21st century Luxor , on the other hand the still majestic and powerful, 3500 year old, place of worship. Mind blowing!

Built by Amenhotep III in around 1400 BCE (later, Ramses II made a few additions), the Luxor Temple was dedicated to the Theban Triad of Amun, Mut and their son Khonsu.

It’s a clash of world in another way also – or better, a clash of religions: After the demise of the ancient Egyptian gods, the Romans used the temple to worship their own god. This is evident the imperial cult paintings, which are plastered over the hieroglyphs and pharaonic reliefs of the original temple. The islamic religion is present too, namely in Abu al-Haggag Mosque that was build in the 13th century right on top of the colonnade of the Court of Ramses (II) before the Temple beneath had been revealed – it is ‘floating’ over the Temple, so to speak.

Anyway, it’s a great Temple. And if you happen to be in Luxor, I would greatly advise you to visit it. 



14 comments on “Clash of Times and Religions – The Luxor Temple, a place beyond time

  1. westiedad
    July 26, 2013

    Great photos. I have great memories of that place, but I wish my photos were this good!

    • clumsyfool
      July 26, 2013

      Thank you so much!
      When have you been there?
      If you’re interested in more photos of Egypt, my last post all show places, where I’ve been (and there are still many to come).
      Thanks for the lovely comment and of course for following my blog! 🙂

      • westiedad
        July 26, 2013

        I was there back in 1998 PD (pre-digital) Cool – I’ll be sure to take a look, but my kids are getting all needy and wanting breakfast. Cheers, Mo

  2. earthstills
    July 26, 2013

    Such an amazing collection, beautiful images!!

  3. Dini
    July 26, 2013

    Hi there! I really want to visit egypt since I was kid. But I’m really hestitant now because of what I’ve heard in the news about demonstration and the coup. is it save to go now or should I wait? is it ok to go alone or better with some group from travel agent? really nice picture btw, make me more envy of u lol.

    • clumsyfool
      July 27, 2013

      I think it depends on where you stay and where you go. I’m staying in 6th October, which is a quite rich and save “village” next to Cairo, so I’m not at all affected by the protests. If you’re planning on staying in Cairo directly, I would probably wait until everything calms down. It should be ok in other places though. I would definitely go with someone else, it’s safer, easier and cheaper.
      I hope I could help you.

      • Dini
        July 28, 2013

        I want to visit Giza, the pyramid and the sphinx. And also the temples in your blog. Thank you for your infos!!
        have a nice day 🙂

      • clumsyfool
        July 28, 2013

        Well, if you want to visit Giza, you’re probably staying in Cairo (at least for 1 night). When you’re there, I would advise you to go to the Egyptian Museum, it’s just amazing! Take 1 day to visit the museum and another to go to Giza and maybe Saqqara and Dahshur (get up early and you’ll see all 3 places in 1 day, as they are all quite close together). If you’ve got some time left, the view from the Cairo Tower is quite stunning.

        For visiting all the temples, you should take a Nile cruise. it’s quite expensive, but definitely worth it!

        For any more info on the places, just check out my posts. Many more Temples are to come 🙂

      • Dini
        July 28, 2013

        thank you!! well, I dont think I will visit Egypt this year, so what I could do now is drooling on your photos lol. definitely cant wait for your next post!

      • clumsyfool
        July 29, 2013

        Another advice: if you don’t like melting, go in the winter!
        I’m glad I could help you.
        Haha, continue drooling. I’m working on the next one 🙂

  4. Cathy Ulrich
    July 27, 2013

    The Luxor Temple looks like a wonderful place to wander and gaze. Every wall filled with art and language. Great shots!

    • clumsyfool
      July 27, 2013

      It truly is! If I hadn’t been on a tight time schedule, I would have admired those temples for hours on end (especially the Karnak Temple)! It’s all so fascinating. I am really considering learning how to read hieroglyphs and going back, to read all the temple walls myself! The way I see it, it’s worth the effort.

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