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A Panorama view of Luxor

The second day of my Nile Cruise started quite early when alarm clock woke me at 3.30am.

I was going to go on a hot air balloon ride and because we were planning on flying into the sunrise, waking up at this unearthly hour was an essential part of the plan.

It was worth it though. We got an amazing view of Luxor and the Nile and even the ancient Egyptian capital, Thebes, came to life again as flew over the Luxor and Karnak Temple.

When the sun rose, it bathed us and the land beneath us in stunning colours!

4 comments on “A Panorama view of Luxor

  1. Cathy Ulrich
    July 23, 2013

    Beautiful. It’s interesting…I think I had always imagined these places to be out in the middle of nowhere. It looks from your photos as if there’s a modern city surrounding some of the ruins. Great views from the ballon. That must have been amazing!

    • clumsyfool
      July 23, 2013

      Thank you.
      Yes, I thought so too, but both, the Karnak and the Luxor Temple are right next to modern streets and houses. It’s a clash of cultures and times.
      It really was amazing! you only see a fraction of it in the pictures.

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