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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

I know this comes a bit late, but I didn’t have internet last week.

8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

  1. Thanks for the pingback! Nice photos – I particularly like the ones with the fern leaves.

    • clumsyfool
      July 23, 2013

      You’re very welcome. And thank you very much!

  2. mithriluna
    July 22, 2013

    So glad you posted! These are gorgeous images!

    • clumsyfool
      July 23, 2013

      Wow, thank you so much for this lovely comment!

  3. Kristy J. W.
    July 22, 2013

    Beautiful photos!

  4. Jean's Photography
    July 28, 2013

    Quite breathtaking photographs. I can almost feel the warmth. Simply beautiful. Well done!

    • clumsyfool
      July 28, 2013

      Thank you! Warmth is an understatement, we get 40 or more degrees Celsius here every day.

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