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Sun, the recipe for happiness?

sunToday finally, spring has found its way to Scotland, Stirling to be precise. After two days of purring rain, the sun has returned and surprisingly, it has brought some warmth (and wind – not so surprising) with it.

All lectures, reports and essays done (well, until Monday that is), I can finally sit down on the grass by the ‘loch’ and enjoy the seldom seen sunshine. It is from this lovely spot that I am writing right now.

Spring is here (for now)! The flowers, blossoms and fresh leaves have been trying for quite a while now to see the light of the day and so, on this beautiful day, I am surrounded my purple blooming rhododendron bushes, white lilies of the valley and yellow daffodils. My feet dangle in the cold water, while the swans and ducks join the flock of birds in their spring singing. I can even see a few rabbits lying in the grass not twenty feet away. (Before you ask, the University of Stirling has at least as many rabbits and squirrels as it has students living on its campus.)rabbit1

It is as if someone had flipped a switch: everything is different. The normal moodiness and stress of a Friday afternoon has disappeared. The students complaining about their assignments and exams seem to have vanished. The rainclouds seem to have taken the bad mood and distress with them. Now every bench and coffee table outside is occupied, the frowns replaced by smiles and the grass speckled with people. It is a wonder what a few (rare) glimpses of sunlight can do. One starts to see the beauty in everyday things, when the sound of rain and wind is replaced by birdsong and laughter.

Maybe that’s why southern countries, like Italy and Spain, are described as having ‘happier people’. Maybe that’s why the drinking and drug problem seems to be so much greater in countries like Britain and Russia. Maybe it’s all due to the sunshine, or the lack of it. Being locked inside by the rain gets people drinking; constantly looking at deep-hanging, rain-filled clouds makes people depressed.  (the drunkest countries in the world)

A family holiday to the Mediterranean makes people happy. Why? The family is the same, the shared spaces even smaller, sure, the environment is different but the same is achieved when talking a walk through the nearest forest or town. So what makes people spend their precious money, pack up their family and leave town? Escaping from stress? Please, the family problems are as stressful on Mallorca as they are at home, and nowadays, most people take their work on their laptops and iPhones with them on vacation. What is it then? It’s the sun! A good boost of vitamin D makes even the worst family fight bearable, and everyday things seem more exciting. Lazily lying around gets called sunbathing, taking the kids out to play becomes an adventure instead of a burden and the excitement level of swimming increases exponentially to the salt concentration of the water.arashi-beach-full

Why are you still reading this? Get out and enjoy the sunshine as long as you can! 🙂



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