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The Others – colourful, majestic and wild

Although we humans often like to forget, we are not the only ones inhabiting the earth. If you think it is strange to dedicate a post entirely to animals, get over it. I don’t consider myself as a passionate animal lover, but looking through my photos, I realized that I have quite a few depicting animals. They have accumulated over the last few years and I thought that it is only fair to give them a space on my blog.

Strangely enough, on my safari in Kenya in 2011, I discovered that elephants are quite photogenic – or maybe that is due to the fact that move relatively slow and are targets that are hard to miss…



Since I was a little girl I had a fascination with feline predators – if you’d ask my mother, she’d tell you that my walls were plastered with pictures of tigers, leopards, lions, cheetahs  (and Harry Potter) posters and that my bed was overflowing with stuffed animals in the shape of my favorite big cats. I had quite a few opportunities to take photos of these beautiful majestic creatures, in different zoos and in Kenya.



Who didn’t want a parrot when they were young? They have so many colours and they can talk! Sadly, I never had one, but I had quite a few budgies (four, to be exact and they all either died or flew away after a relatively short time. My good care, I assume).
There are so many different birds of all shapes, forms and colours out there!



But let’s not forget our ‘usual’ animals! What’s not to like about a good old cow and a herd of bleating sheep? – Yep, my years in living in Wales have changed me. 😛



Ah, I miss my dog (that’s him, in the bottom right corner). There’s nothing better than walking your dog to clear your head. What a shame that the university doesn’t allow pets.




And some more pictures I took in Kenya…



Give your pet -whatever it is- a hug!



I hope you enjoyed it!  🙂


One comment on “The Others – colourful, majestic and wild

  1. clumsyfool
    April 14, 2013

    Thanks for all the ‘like’s guys! 🙂

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