How a weirdo sees the world…

Umm …. Hi!?

Hi guys, 
this is my first post, so don’t laugh at me. You can just call me ‘clumsyfool’. I won’t tell you my real name. Not because I’m paranoid (I don’t think that I’m important or interesting enough to be followed), it’s more like a general aversion to displaying your name on the internet, I think. Anyway. There won’t be a theme to this blog, at least not yet. I guess you could say its kinda like a journal: I will post things that I heared and I find interesting, annoying or shocking, thoughts, ideas, really anything that crosses my mind and that might be interesting for other people as well. I won’t pretent that I expect many people to read this blog, and even less to agree with it, but hey! at least I tried…. and it makes me feel kinda important. Sort of. 
I hope you enjoy it – even if that means that you are laughing at me and my stupid thoughts and ideas. 🙂

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This entry was posted on March 22, 2013 by in Psychology.


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